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Nautical Hilltribe silver pendant and charms soon to be gone from Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry, the only place in the entire Tri-Cities currently offering this precious silver.



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Hilltribe Silver beads and fillers carried only Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry in the entire Tri-Cities area.

Hilltribe Silver, only carried in the Tri-Cities by Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry

will no longer have their current stock beginning August 31.

What is Hilltribe Silver?

Being between 99.5% and 99.9% pure silver, Karen silver has a higher silver content than Sterling silver.

The wonderful hand-hammered and chased details you can actually see evidence of each piece

having been formed by the hands of a Karen craftsman.
Choosing Karen silver is much more than buying jewelry of rare distinction.

You are helping support a tribe who would otherwise live in extreme poverty.

The most whimsical bead & jewelry store in the Tri-Cities!

One-of-a-kind, hand-made jewelry, made by us!


                                     Variety of Pendants and Charms

A gorgeous selection of pendants and charms each hand made in Hilltribe Silver. No two will ever be exactly alike. Carried only at Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry!

Beautiful Hand Made Hilltribe Cross

Gorgeous intricate Hilltribe cross only at Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry.

                               Unbelievable Selection of Cones of all Sizes

Variety of incredibly creatively designed hand made cones. Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry carry a variety of sizes and lengths sadly, soon to be gone.

We have 90-day layaway ,GIFT CERTIFICATES and WE SHIP!


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